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April 29, 2010

oh the seasons

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since january lots has happened! we have been having so much fun in this season of engagement and are anxiously awaiting the season of newlyweds!

for a while during march it felt like we had our own version of ‘march madness’ between me finishing up my internship, matt traveling with the basketball team as they played in the ncaa tourney, looking for a house in Arlington and matt studying for his new job. for a two or three week stretch matt would come home for 2 days and we would head to Arlington at 4 after I got finished at school to look for a house or meet with someone for the house. Then he would leave again for the next 5 days only to repeat the process when he got back. It was so exciting to finally know where our next year of life is going to be and see the place we are going to call our first  home together :)

We have also  had countless trips to Shreveport for wedding events where I drive and Matt studies the whole time. He got a job as a financial planner and has 3 major tests to study for and pass before August. He has been doing such a good job getting our future life figured out while finishing college & prepping for his new job. I will have to say I look forward to the season where he can drive and I can go back to enjoying the ride!

It has been so fun enjoying this engagement season with him! There have been plenty of starbucks dates were Matt will study and I will write thank you note after thank you note.

Crazy that in 18 days I will graduate college and in 36 days I get married!! This past few months have been a whirlwind but great. I’m hoping that after this weekend things will settle down for at least a few days so my last few days in Waco can be soaked up and enjoyed :)

P.S. – house pictures coming soon!!

January 4, 2010

remembering 09

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A year is full of so many day to day life to life days that I forget the highlights that made the year what it was. So here is a little remembering of the past year! Sorry for the lack of pictures…my computer isnt working very well thanks to the zero memory space and such.

Started the new year off with Matt in Shreveport!

Throughout the spring semester of junior year enjoyed teaching kindergarten, many a wonderful dates with matt, baking & friendship with Christina!

In February visited Valeria in Columbia! Such a fun weekend & a great trip! Celebrated a first Valentines with Matt with a whole fun day of surprises!

Spent spring break on a mission trip to Edinburg experiencing God and missions with Matt was great!

Enjoyed a wonderful summer in Colorado with Elizabeth.

Began a new year in Waco with lots of football & teaching!

Soaked up fall with pumpkins, homecoming & beautiful weather.

Became engaged to the most amazing man and started a wonderful new chapter of our lives!

Planned a wedding, spent time with friends & taught taught taught.

Enjoyed the holidays with family.

Got major planning done!

Started this new year with my love in Austin soaking up time with him & connecting well & dreaming of our life together over coffee and a great book on marriage.

I’m excited for this new year, 2010. The year of so many changes. The year of so much to do. But, I want my focus on to be on preparing for the changes well. To spend more time with God and less time wasted. To spend more time reading books and journaling out my thoughts.

So here is to a year to prepare & embrace life. To prepare for the changes and the start of marriage and to embrace the gift of life I receive each day.

December 23, 2009

these are a few of my favorite things

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is it really only two days till Christmas?? with all the wedding planning, end of school & subbing…here are a few of my latest ‘favorite things!’. Enjoy :)

My new gorgeous Christmas present from my wonderful fiance 

The for its amazing ‘wedding checklist’

Etsy for Christmas gifts & wedding ideas!

Registering for wedding gifts and becoming a bit obsessed with beautiful little tea cups (here is our fancy China teacup)

Coming home to a house all decorated for Christmas!

the Holiday drinks at Starbucks – perfect for studying (uh, I mean reading while Matt studied) or refueling in between Christmas shopping or wedding registerying! 

My amazing, sweet & wonderful fiance for his patience and understanding and shared  excitement with all the wedding appointments & details to figure out this past week!

Christmas movies! We had several movie nights in Waco (Home Alone, It’s a Wonderful Life) watched the Polar Express during the third graders Christmas party (so cute to hear children laughing!) and Elf while decorating the Christmas tree with the family! Excited for the Santa Claus to come on tv Christmas eve!

and of course, being home surrounded by family & friends and celebrating this wonderful time of year and the birth of our Savior! Merry Christmas!

November 22, 2009

too much to say!!

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Its been one of those mini seasons of life where there has been so much worth updating on, but not enough time or words to encompass it all!

timeline review:

Oct 29 – Fall date! Made homemade soup, pear crisp & carved a pumpkin! such a fun time with Matt!

Nov 1 – new month & the meeting of new baby Cox in dallas! great time in the car with the roommates :)

Nov 6 – got engaged! to the best man I’ve ever met :) for the full story, see

Nov 7 – extreme excitement, little sleep and a fun trip to Dallas with my fiance!

{basketball games, teaching, lifegroup, a wedding and daily life sprinkled in}

Nov 20 – finished my last project for teaching this semester!

Nov  21 – A&M football game in college station! Also, sleepover with Christina remembering the fond days of being roommates! Enjoyed baking this goodness – – but warning, it makes a lot! :)

and now….looking forward

Nov 23 – last day of teaching for the semester

Nov 24-28 – home for Thanksgiving with family, friends & wedding plans!

Nov 28 – last football game in Dallas Cowboy’s new stadium

{subing in Waco, lifegroup, fiance, roommates,  life, planning}

June 5, 2010 – getting MARRIED to matthew thomas swarbrick!!

I think that is about all for now :)

picture post coming soon….stay tuned!

October 31, 2009


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Last weekend was my senior Baylor homecoming, weird! This past weekend was so fun and complete with PigSkin, the bonfire, enjoying the dorm’s decorations, the parade & game! Was looking through my four previous years of homecomings and had a lot of fun recounting freshman year and sharing stories with Matt.

Freshman year bonfire with new friends


Another year, another bonfire picture :)


Junior year, got a new camera and took lots of pictures!



parade with matt, matthew & abbey!


Senior year – the whole chabang






October 19, 2009


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So…a few weeks ago I decided to bake a homemade from scratch apple pie. The kids (aka the third graders I spend all my time with) had been using apples to study adjectives the previous week so I had a lot of apples leftover so why not bake a pie?! Turned out to be more of a cooking adventure than I thought it would be…

Pretty apples


After cutting 8 apples realize you should have peeled them…


make some impromptu crust (refrigerate for 4 hours? nah, just put it in the freezer for 20 min)


Put a yummy mixture of brown sugar and spices over the apples


get ready to enjoy your pie,  but realize that

your oven caught fire a few days earlier and pray that your pie doesnt bubble over and cause the same effect

baking at pie at midnight with no one home with an unreliable oven isnt the best idea

have a loud smoke/fire detector go off

then burn your finger on a super hot pan and run water over it for 45 minutes


decide you should try some of the pie at 12:30 am, dont really enjoy it since your finger is burned

…but the next day share your goodness with roommates + boyfriend

and everyone’s happy :)

October 2, 2009

the friday list.

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I’ve become such an enjoyer of Fridays. Get an extra hour of sleep, class ends at 11:30am, quick lunch on campus with Matt, another class for an hour and then enjoying converstation and discipleship with two lovely girls. Then the rest of the afternoon is spent with relaxing, reflecting, phone chats with Elizabeth and occassionaly a spontaneous friend catch up.

It’s just lovely.

So this Friday, my thoughts are all over the place and have lots of different lists I’ve going but I think I’m gunna stick with the happiest list, the fall happy list. So enjoy :)

  • Pumpkins. Yes. Everything about them. (Currently enjoying: pumpkin spice lattes, the pumpkin pie candle that fills my classroom and super excited about the pumpkin harvest cyclone at Katie’s Custard)
  • The greatest weather ever. I love this short span of time that is not freezing requiring lots of layers but isnt burning hot. Sadly it seems to come and go so fast so I’ve gotta remember to enjoy it quickly while its here. Also, everyone’s happiesness level seems to rise as the temperature drops and statuses are all about the changing glorious weather.
  • The colors. Waco doesnt experience too many tree color changes but I think I saw one tree on campus today that is trying really hard to bring out its fall colors. At school the first grade classrooms have painted the seasons on the wall using trees and the kids handprints for leaves (bare tree for winter, semi leaved tree for spring, full tree for summer and the most beautiful fall tree with leaves falling). It is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.
  • The many fun things to look forward to in the fall (pumpkin carvings, homecoming, fall break!)
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